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August 14, 2021

How Does a Lifetime of Free Stock Footage Sound?

By Artgrid 2 min read

Creators don't work in a vacuum; they look to the filmmaking community to find inspiration, to learn tips and tricks to perfect their craft and many times to collaborate on projects. This is the mindset that led us to create our royalty-free music platform Artlist in 2014 and the stock footage platform Artgrid in the Spring of 2019.

At Artgrid, creators can find high-end story-driven stock footage shot by some of the leading cinematographers in the industry using the best gear available. Plus, Artgrid subscribers get the simplest and most permissive license in the market, which covers any platform (yes, even commercial) and doesn't expire.

Share your favorite stock footage site

We believe that Artgrid is an essential tool for filmmakers, designed to inspire creators through captivating visual stories as well as save them time and money. As part of our mission to make Artgrid every filmmaker's go-to tool for stock footage, we want our subscribers to spread the word. Don't worry, the love you share will be worth your while.

Wanting to encourage filmmakers to help each other, we at Artgrid launched the Friend to Friend program - a referral program that could ultimately earn you a lifetime subscription to our high-end royalty-free footage platform. That means unlimited free stock footage forever! Take a second to process that.

To start, first, go to Artgrid and sign in to your account. To get to the referral page, click on ♡ Refer at the top of your home page. There, you can copy a personal referral link and send it to all the creators you know. 

How to get free stock footage forever

When the 1st filmmaker signs up to Artgrid using your link, you automatically get 2 extra months free on your subscription. The 2nd friend rewards you with another 2 months (making it 4 months in total), and by the 3rd friend, you get another 4 months for free (8 months in total). With the 6th friend, you add another year to your subscription for free, totaling 20 extra months of free stock footage.

artgrid referral program

But it's with the 10th friend that the pearly gates open, and you enter stock footage heaven with a free lifetime subscription to Artgrid! That means full access to the high-quality stock footage library forever! But don't worry, your friends will get something as well. Each person you refer gets 2 extra months on their subscription. Everybody wins!

Bring your friends

So. if you're a subscriber and already benefit from Artgrid's high-end stock footage, unlimited downloads, affordable price and a license that covers everything, it's time to share it with your friends. It will definitely be worth your while. Stay creative.

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