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June 28, 2022

Introducing Artgrid's Big-Budget Stock Footage Productions

By Artgrid 9 min read


  • Check your preconceived notions about the quality of stock video at the door and prepare to be surprised
  • Plenty of stock footage has the look and feel of a big-budget production
  • High production stock footage can make a significant contribution to your content
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Disclaimer: Before reading this article, please check your preconceived notions about what is stock footage at the door.

Join us to discover a side of stock footage you might have overlooked. It's an introduction to story-driven stock footage with the look and feel of a big-budget production. 

Rather than just acting as a stop-gap for shoestring productions or lower-quality output, we'd like to show you that high-quality stock footage is available for you to use. And as importantly, at Artgrid, you will find stock footage that was created as part of a big-budget production and has that larger-than-life Hollywood look and feel. Consequently, it can really raise the quality of your content, perhaps in ways that you wouldn't expect.

As a test, check out our Instagram post that challenges you to identify which footage is stock and which is not.

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Take a look at this sequence Battle of the Knights to get a feel for how stock footage really can have the appearance of a big-budget production.

Story driven

The Battle of the Knights is a story-driven sequence of stock footage carefully storyboarded before anyone picked up a camera. This presents several advantages. First, having clear direction means that the overall output has a higher quality: everyone knew what was required of them, and whatever was needed was provided. Second, the clips are motivated, not random, and stronger for having a story behind them. Finally, coming as part of a sequence means that they can be used throughout the span of a project, bringing continuity to it. So it won't look "bitty" if you include it in your work.

Cast and crew

The Battle of the Knights had an extensive cast and crew. There were 70 people in front of the cameras and 50 behind them. This wasn't something produced on a whim! If you don't have the means to manage large crowds, then take a look at stock.


Both an open plain and a wooded area are used in Battle of the Knights. 

Filming on location is neither cheap nor easy, which adds to the feeling–and reality–that this is not a low-budget production. For anyone watching this sequence, it feels authentic. Locations need to be found and often paid for, as well as properly managed. Getting people there and caring for them appropriately is expensive and time-consuming. And the process of shooting on location requires significant preparation and coordination.


The specialist wardrobe for Battle of the Knights is an important element of the high production value of the sequence. Consistency and authenticity are characteristics that lend a feeling of care and attention to footage and help people to believe in it.

Battle scene

Battle scenes are complex sequences to produce and film, requiring careful choreography and specialist training. The weaponry will have to be located and properly accounted for, while the actors using it must be trained. They might even be stunt artists. This is neither simple nor cheap to accomplish and certainly redolent of a big budget production rather than a shoestring one. If you feel you need to use weaponry, look at stock footage.


Having horses on set requires both specialist horses and animal wranglers. It's expensive and time-consuming. If you can't manage this for your own production, take a look at stock footage that has. It will bring your content to a new level and look highly professional, too.

Technical specs

Finally, if you do decide to make use of stock footage, Artgrid footage is available in LOG format, allowing you to color grade it so that it blends seamlessly with your own content. This is the final touch of professionalism.

Wrap up

Stock footage can have the look and feel of a big-budget production, which means that integrating it into your own content will add to the sense of professionalism, not detract from your hard work. Have a look!